Sunset Lanna

The Concept

The origin of the concept is following the ideas and principles of Pierre Rabhi, a french 

contemporary phisolopher.

For more information, visit his FB page :

Do something usefull

We want to make something really useful. We have an Organic Smoothies shop & Thaï Food restaurant in downtown Chiang Ma; to be 100 % sure of the quality of the products proposed, we wanted to farm by ourselves and be sure about the origin of the veg and fruits proposed; the farming idea came out of this basic need.

Share it wisely

We want to share with everybody interested. The land we have is big enough to include a farm and a resort. We therefore want to share this spectacular environment with others. Very quickly we enlarge our project and consider that integrating different levels of quality of housing for tourists would make sense. One evening while thinking of the future, we are watching the sunset on the land and the name of the project was decided. The Sunset Lanna Resort and Farm project was born. We intend to share this environment with Tourists coming to Chiang Mai region and also for people being retired and looking for a healthy standard of living full time or part time.

Be socially responsible

Education to share with everybody interested. Because the people desire to choose their own life, we have decided to participate to the education of the children of the people whom are working with us. 

Besides, our friends here are qualified in farming, Thaï food and we have Thaï massage; qualified people will be proposing of course their services, but also a complete program of sharing Thaï knowhow.


The Northern territories of Thailand are proposing a good environment, and wonderful standards of living. We enjoy Thaï cuisine and have a team of qualified massage professionals.

Thaï Food.  

Learning Lessons of Thaï food.

Thaï Massage.

Not only proposing massages, we willl also propose a school for people whom would ike to learn…


 Organic concept of farming, we can learn from visitors, and will teach what we know.

Lanna Life Style 

 The north of Thailand style is Lanna, following Buddist concept of life.


The quality of life we can share