Sunset Lanna

The Project


The main target is to produce Organic veg and fruits. For our own needs and to supply our smoothies shop and Thaï restaurant in Chiang Mai.

Pool and resting

The Pool is a central location, but also Spa in some of the accommodations, and the Massage center for resting. you can get a massage, learn how to massage or learn own to rest as Lanna style.

A human being project of exchange, environmentally friendly with a social program. 

The Principles


The Lanna Style accomodation. 

Consists of a main building for restaurant, bar, massage place and necessary facilities. 10 bungalows with private spa, including 3 for VIP standard, 5 for normal standard, and 2 standard ones without SPA. In addition 10 individual double room studios will be available for the 6 families working with us and 4 similar studios for backpackers.


Thaï food is one of the best in the world. You can enjoy some traditional Thaï food courses, in our restaurant and participate to our Thaï food teaching cessions.


Education is a must: we engage to finance  the education of the children of our community as far as they can. The Local university Rajamangala Lanna of Doi Saket is located not more than 2 km from our Farm and Resort.


As a second phase: 

- we will build a condominium for 20 students whom will be in the University close to us.

- we will build individual houses for elder people whom want to stay on long term and enjoy their retirement in our environment.